During these unexpected times our new ‘norm’ is always having hand-sanitizer with us, now mandatory to put on as we enter and leave enclosed areas such as shops.

  • Hand sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or both to kill bacteria and viruses that end up onto your hands when going out and touching different surfaces and being around lots of people. Alcohols are vital for killing bacteria and viruses and they do it in such a way that they denature the protective outer proteins of microbes and as a result leads their membranes to dissolve. They work well in clinical settings like hospitals where germs are more prevalent and doctors have to get rid of when performing procedures such as surgeries as it can make the patient suffer with infections. However, they only work so well because their hands won’t be greasy or soiled in comparison to people in a non-clinical space such as after people handling food, gardening, fishing etc.
  • Many studies over the years have concluded that sanitizers that have a alcohol concentration of around 60-95% are far more effective than ones that have a lower concentration such as hand-sanitizers from bath and body works which tend to only contain around 30-40%.

Why it is important to hand-sanitize in our current pandemic?

We all saw on the news about all shops running out of hand-sanitizer and toilet paper all over the world when news broke out that there was a new virus on the loose… the Coronavirus. We saw the hand-sanitizer isles empty in stores and pharmacies and even saw it being sold for £100 on Amazon and eBay when the average one would cost around £2.50. Why were people in such a hurry? Hand sanitizer sales increased by 470% in comparison to that week last year. WHO gave advice on how to mitigate the risk of infection and reduce transmission by effective hand-wash? Obviously, that isn’t possible when outdoors that’s why the most effective thing you can do is to wear some hand-sanitizer as the virus is spread through droplets for example, if you was to cough or sneeze and you catch it in your hand and don’t use hand sanitizer or wash your hands you can contaminate many surfaces you touch whilst you’re out and at home, but also the virus can be transmitted if you was to shake someone’s hand or come into any other close proximity. By using hand-sanitizer you reduce that risk of transmission and it is safer for yourself and others that come into contact around you.

Why is it important to disinfect our homes?

This is because germs can make us sick and they can come around at any time and contaminate our cutlery, cutting boards you name it! Most germs will thrive when in food that’s why it’s important to wash your hands before cooking. It is especially important in our homes to disinfect surfaces regularly such as one a week or whenever needed. This is even more important for families that have kids or have weak immune systems… anyone who is vulnerable should do this regularly. Even when not vulnerable it is important to do so,