How to Protect Bathroom From Limescale Deposits: Does the “Scale Out’’ System Prevents Shower, Glass, Chrome in Bathroom From Limescale?


There are many to preserve and protect bathroom and home from limescale. The big question is:

Will they do the job?

How to protect bathroom from limescale deposits?

Firstly, many leading bathroom installation companies for Central London, East London and Kent, has been asked to remodel their customers bathrooms, but almost on every job they have been asked following question; how can we protect our new bathroom from limescale?

Secondly, we made some research and we found out that for London area water is very ‘hard’. But from scientific viewpoint anything between Ph 6.5-9.5 is considered safe for drinking and slightly alkaline water is safe also for metallic fittings and pipework and keep them safe from corrosion.

Definition of ‘’Hard Water’’ Meaning?

Additionally, the basic definition of water hardness should be: the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water contains big amounts of dissolved minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium. Once the hard water got heated, such as in a home water boiler, rock-hard solid deposits of calcium carbonate can appear.

So how does it happen?

  • Rain water carrying CO2 drop down to reach earth

  • It getting absorbed by the earth and passes through various layers of soil, stone, rock, and others.

  • Following thing is when the rain water absorbs Calcium and Magnesium and many other specific minerals

  • Here at the end turns and appear as a ‘hard’ water

Once that water infiltrates into boilers, washing machines, kettles, shower valves, shower headsbathroom taps, shower screens, water tanks and so on, it starts producing depositing over time minerals on almost every surface. Furthermore, the accumulation of mineral deposits is the primary root of minimising the water flow, reduction of the heat exchange efficiency and surge in home energy bills.

It’s calculated that average home spends between £250 – £290 a year on extra products to deal with the hard water influence.

  • Shower screen
  • Glass protector
  • Limescale detergents
  • Removal detergents
  • Water softeners
  • Electronic apparatus

How to protect bathroom from limescale, what is the best formula?

Water softeners

Most of us at some point during the year will use water softeners to reduce and get rid of limescale from their water tanks. Going further, hundreds of water softeners are available online and on retail shops, local markets and they are really up to the job to fight on ‘hard’ water problem, but it’s not all good, it does some pitfalls like:

  • Water cannot be consumed because of large amount of sodium content

  • Most of the time it does require a medium storage space for the equipment

  • Can reduce water pressure which is not good for the boiler

  • Increased bill for the annual servicing.

Scale out system

Scale out system is significantly advanced scale protection, prevention and shifting system. It is incorporated neatly fitted device with a convertible cartridge which is attached right onto the mains water supply pipe.

There is wide range of sizes available and it offers round the clock protection with low servicing and maintenance and most positive at all, water is consumable.

How does it work?

The compact cartridge consists of special ceramic beads which transform the ions in the water into non-scale crystals that circulate through the system without capability to adhere themselves to surfaces and stick. Meanwhile, the same crystals also de-scale current appliances and water the entire home water system.

The beads have prolonged outlook of few years close to 3 and can be promptly substituted.

Benefits of Scale out system:

  • Water consists of minerals
  • Water is consumable
  • Operated by the water only
  • Cleaning up the existing scale
  • Effortless to install
  • Compact to use
  • Low cost servicing
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Shower screen free of limescale

Protecting your bathroom and home from limescale commit extensive research and fact finding in order to look for the best quick fix. All of this Its really dependable on the individual budgets, storage, additional space, maintenance prices and most importantly on the element of quality of this system de-scaled water.

Many London plumbing companies have installed and prefer to fix cleansing ‘’scale out’’ system  because of the straightforward installation, size of space required, and  cost to maintain and water quality and this is  exactly what does property repairs services include.