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How to Protect Bathroom and Other Home Facilities from Limescale

How to Protect Your Home and Bathroom From Limescale And Does the “Scale Out’’ System helps There are many to preserve and protect bathroom and home from limescale. The big question is: Will they do the job? Many leading bathroom installation companies for Central London, East London and Kent, has been asked to remodel their customers bathrooms, but almost on every job they have been asked following question; how can we protect [...]

By |October 13th, 2020|KITCHEN&BATHROOM|

How much to pay for carpet cleaning?

If you’ve stumbled along this article you’ve most likely concluded that your carpet needs a bit of freshening up and you’re wondering about the price of carpet cleaning, right? The process that involves the cleaning of your carpet professionally is known as carpet cleaning or shampooing. Many cleaning companies within your area or nearby will specialise with this procedure and would’ve been trained well to do so and will opt for cleaning [...]

By |October 13th, 2020|CARPET CLEANING|


REMOVING VARNISH STAINS FROM CARPET Cleaning Solutions Dry Cleaning Mixed Solution You can proceed and use non-flammable dry cleaning fluid or a liquid spot remover bought from the grocery or high street retail store or hardware shop. Detergent Mixed Solution Get started and mix 1/5 teaspoon lenient dish washing liquid with one cup warm water. What You’ll Need for both? Dry Cleaning Solution Detergent Solution 1.     Small glass bowl 2.     [...]

By |September 28th, 2020|CARPET CLEANING|

How to Clean Smelly Shoes and Get Rid of Their Unpleasant Odor

A human body is usually clean, but no matter how clean it may be, a human feet will still produce bad  odor, especially if person wear the same pair of  trainers or shoes day in and day out. Activities you undertake doesn't matter, regardless of what you do : running, walking, or merely chilling all day long, human feet will naturally sweat — some people's less and some more than the others. After [...]

By |September 14th, 2020|OUR HOME|

Changing Spaces, Making Places – The UK’s traditional north-south divide.

TABLE OF CONTENT #1 What is the Divide #2 Proof of  this Divide #3 Does the government spending reinforce the UK’s traditional north-south divide #4 What strategies have been implemented by the government to combat this gap? What is the divide? It has been recognised that there is a division within Great Britain, the North/South divide. It is a term used to describe the social, economic and cultural disparities between the London and the [...]

By |September 14th, 2020|NEWS|

Migration of people within UK

What is migration? The definition of human migration is the movement of people from one place to another with the intention of moving to a safer or more economically and politically sustainable environment. There are 4 different types of migration including: migration, invasion, conquest, colonization and immigration. There are many reasons for humans to migrate, they may migrate individually or with their family or other members within their community. There are many factors [...]

By |September 6th, 2020|NEWS|

 Domestic Cleaning Tips for Beginners!

We always try to keep our homes nice and clean however, it is easiest said than done. When being caught up with our everyday routines and work, it can be difficult to find time to clean your home especially if kids or pets are around as it can easily get messy again. But unfortunately, it’s the only way you can make sure that your home is clean and hygienic as possible, it must [...]

By |September 6th, 2020|HOUSE CLEANING|

Warning Note for Fly- Tippers

Huge pile of rubbish discovered in Lincolnshire village A huge heap of rubbish left from fly-tippers has been disposed in a Lincolnshire village – only few miles from the site were huge amounts of commercial waste was fly-tipped earlier in the week. The recent incident, described by one councillor as "the largest fly-tip I have ever seen", was found near Fullbeck. It comes in the same week where a gigantic plastic waste was left [...]

What makes a sustainable living development?

Sustainability is measured by 3 main categories: social (looking at the welfare of the residents) economical, (looking at the affordability of the development for what it has to offer in that postcode) and environmental (does it have any potential harm in surrounding biodiversity?) Range of Housing One of the main things that makes a good development is the range of housing. Having a combination of houses and apartments makes the development unique and [...]

The importance of using hand-sanitiser

During these unexpected times our new ‘norm’ is always having hand-sanitizer with us, now mandatory to put on as we enter and leave enclosed areas such as shops. Hand sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or both to kill bacteria and viruses that end up onto your hands when going out and touching different surfaces and being around lots of people. Alcohols are vital for killing bacteria and viruses and they do it [...]

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