Blood Stain Removal: 3 Best Ways to Get Blood Out of Carpet Using Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide and Salt Paste

Cleaning Blood Stains


The last thing on your mind would be how to remove blood stains on your carpet! Imagen you are having a day off.  You have just started chopping some fresh meat for the barbeque. And unexpected happened! You might have thought that cutting your finger couldn’t get worse. But your eyes see a spot of blood soaking down on your carpet.

How to deal with it? It is very much alike to varnish stains and tea stains, furthermore blood — wet or dry — can be very stubborn to clean. That’s why Stuart May manager of the GPMU Cleaning Department, explains how to remove blood out of carpet, depending on how much to pay for carpet cleaning

So, for future accidents, make sure to take stock of your cleaning supplies. Then you can decide from one of these reliable methods. All three of them are objectively worthwhile, even if you’re trying to fight a stubborn dried blood stain.

How to Clean Blood Out of Carpet

Remember the golden rule for stains? Like many other stains, it will be good to remove and clean the blood on the carpet as quickly as possible can. In case you have to wait around (because for a reason), you can still have a chance: You can still go along with the preferred cleaning routine— but this will cost you an extra effort and a headache.

Method of Working 1:

Remove Blood Stains with Detergent Solution

  1. If the blood stain has dried completely, go over it softly with a soft brush. This way you will break up the accumulation.
  2. The next step is to mix up a tablespoon of dishwasher liquid with a couple of cups of cold water. Using a clean white clean microfibre cloth, blot the stain with the prepared solution.
  3.  Blot until the ready-mixed liquid is fully absorbed. You might need to do it few times until the stain vanishes, after that sponge the affected area with cold water and blot dry.
  4. What to do if the spot doesn’t go away. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia If the spot still remains, mix one tablespoon of ammonia with half a cup of cold water. Sponge the stain with the solution. Continue to blot. Once the liquid is fully absorbed, sponge with cold water and blot dry.


Method of Working 2:

Remove Blood Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3%

You can simply forget trusted stuff like vinegar or baking soda. You can get a 3% hydrogen peroxide, then follow the progress gradually:

  1. Perform a basic test on a hidden area of the carpet. This is to make certain that the solution doesn’t change the color of the fabrics.
  2.  If no changes in the color, go ahead. Dip a sponge or a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and gently apply it over the formed stain.
  3. Use cold water to rinse by using a wet microfibre cloth and leave it to air dry fully.

Method of Working 3:

Remove Blood Stains with Salt Paste

Another trusted and tried method is when we use a salt paste to remove dried blood.

  • Pour cold water into a glass bowl. Add in enough salt to create a thin paste. Makes sure the mix becomes a paste.
  • Gently apply the mixture to the dried bloodstain. Allow it to sit for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Blot the stain with a clean cotton towel or paper towel until it’s gone. No rubbing is allowed. Avoid rubbing the affected region. Such action may trigger the stain to spread wider.


The Final Total:

Here’s the thing about getting blood stain out of carpet: Many bloodstains can be easily removed. This simply can be done by using household products for the kitchen or bathroom. But in the worst-case scenario- the stain doesn’t go away you may need to book or consult an expert carpet cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other products remove blood stains from the carpet?

Another powerful substance to use is OxiClean. If you prefer a ready-made commercial specialty cleaner rather than making your own detergent indoors. Consist of sodium percarbonate that can easily clean blood stains out of the carpet.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide safe when we remove blood from the carpet?

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used and is safe to use. It does have a bleaching effect. But before use tries to test the peroxide on a small area of your home carpet.

Can a professional carpet cleaning company clean bloodstains?

Stain cleaning experts and carpet cleaners Kingston are trained and experienced technicians. They do specialize in eliminating stubborn stains. Such stains could be wine, hair gel, blood, nail polish, coffee, makeup, fruit juice, and more. But before hiring a professional carpet cleaner, it’s advisable to explain fully your carpet cleaning requirements. Such details will make sure carpet cleaners have the equipment and cleaning solution prepared to fight the stain.

Will hot water help to get bloodstain out of the carpet?

Absolutely not. It is advisable to the temperature of the water when used to clean bloodstain to be cold. Hot water will actually cause the stain to set in.