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Block Cleaning Services in Residential Developments Block cleaning services If you live in a residential development consisting of flats you might need to hire block cleaners London. This Is because current government regulations state that communal or shared areas within residential blocks and developments must meet certain cleaning standards. Often neglected communal parts are one kind of a specific problem to deal with. Substandard corridors, lift, pathways, hallways, and stairwells can [...]


Warning Note for Fly- Tippers

Huge pile of rubbish discovered in Lincolnshire village A huge heap of rubbish left from fly-tippers has been disposed in a Lincolnshire village – only few miles from the site were huge amounts of commercial waste was fly-tipped earlier in the week. The recent incident, described by one councillor as "the largest fly-tip I have ever seen", was found near Fullbeck. It comes in the same week where a gigantic plastic waste was left [...]

What makes a sustainable living development?

Sustainability is measured by 3 main categories: social (looking at the welfare of the residents) economical, (looking at the affordability of the development for what it has to offer in that postcode) and environmental (does it have any potential harm in surrounding biodiversity?) Range of Housing One of the main things that makes a good development is the range of housing. Having a combination of houses and apartments makes the development unique and [...]

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