Painting and Decorating Prices on Average?

You may wonder how much to pay for painting and decorating services in London? Maybe it’s time to freshen up your house interior. Lets bring back to life a tired exterior and hiring a painter& decorator will lighten the whole property up. Surely a fresh coat of paint will make enormous difference when applied by a professional expert.


Maybe it’s time to freshen up your house interior or bring back to life a tired exterior and hiring a painter and decorator will lighten the whole property up, because a fresh coat of paint will make enormous difference when applied by a professional and experienced painter.

It is taken individually and this all depends on the project’s itself. Size, difficulty, location, and travel are first factors to consider. Usually the cost will vary also on the workers expertise and materials required. The quote ‘you get what you pay for’ is entirely accurate, straight crisp lines and flawless finishes from a professional painter tend to require strong investment.

An Expert Painting Decorating Price Per Day is Between £150-£220

+Painting Single Room Price Painting 2 Bed Flat Price Painting 4 bed House Price
£400 £1500-£2500 £3500-£5000

*Additional Costs: removing wall paper will add to the final cost. Additional plastering may be required. Painting double-sized corridors or walls above stairwell or tasks which are difficult to perform. Be prepared for extra cost on skirting boards and window sills.

There are many other factors into different budgets. Big part of the final costs usually is connected to the cost to labour i.e. the time it takes them to conduct the service. As I have mentioned the average prices will vary by location, region or area property is based on how far the painter has time to spend for travel. London based businesses tend to keep prices down unlike in some other countries and their colleagues painters in Dubai keep the prices a bit higher.

Main Factors for Pricing Painting and Decorating Job

Main factor of how much painters and decorators charge is also triggered by the size of preparation work to be put in and needed and the mainly the quality of the paint client demand to use. Always a high-quality primers and paints give greater quality, long-lasting outcomes. Cheaply painted walls typically need few more coats and usually frequent repainting after sometime.

  • Size of the property
  • Preparation works required
  • Skills and expertise required
  • Travel time
  • Paint quality
  • Time frame

To find out the price that suit you budget try to get few quotes from painting companies in your area? Ask them what they offer, how fast they can complete the job and what tools and materials they will use. Be ready though with rooms measurements and any paint brands or finishes you have desire to use. This will provide with piece of mind and more accurate price estimate for the planned job in your house.

Many companies will assist you with your needs. You can confidently book local painter and decorator without tiresomely searching on Google for ‘decorators near me’. Remember that professional painting companies offer a variety of quality painting services, this includes internal and external home painting service, kitchen and bedroom door painting, varnishing, and polishing plus property repair services.

Tip: To get a little bit off the final price and for more affordable painting service, you may wish to consider doing some of the preparation work yourself or in a team with your spouse.