Ultimate list for clean property: Check your heater filter, foundation, junk drawer and deep clean to have clean property. 

Decluttering ideas

It’s almost the most beautiful time of the year. Usually by this time of the year the house is messier than ever. So it’s time to come up with a rubbish removal list for a New Year cleaner.

You don’t have to worry about it. We have gathered some useful tips to help you. And not only that. We also come with some suggested companies for your home declutter problems.

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It’s time to show your home some serious love in 2021 with some easy home upgrading ideas that we are going to show you.

Check Your Heater Filter Every Month

Your heater filter can keep dust and this usually can damage the heater. It also helps keep your internal air clean. It depends on how big your house is. You may need to switch out your heater filter as often as once a month. So the only way to know for sure is to check your filter every 30 days or so.

Check Your Foundation

Even a small crack in your home’s foundation provides entrance for rats and pests to enter your home. For this reason, you should carefully check your home’s foundation for any possible openings. If you see one, you should fill it in as soon as possible.

Test Your Water

A water test is very necessary for your house. It can at least leave you stress-free that your water is good and free of damaging substances such as lead, bacteria, and more. This is even more important if you have a private water supply, for the main reason that your water isn’t regularly supervised and tested like public water supplies.

Clean Ignored Areas

It is very important to clean your dryer vents and your refrigerator coils also. This is something that people often forget but cleaning jobs like these are very healthy and important and doing them will keep your home looking and running better long-term. Also, keep in mind to clean your air conditioner, your showerheads, and your dishwasher.

Clean that Junk Drawer

Most of us have a drawer — or sometimes even an entire room — filled with casual, unorganized items. That might be a problem. But, most of the time, we don’t need all that stuff. And when it comes time to locate items we actually do need, this makes it very difficult to find. Make 2021 the year you can be proud of by organizing everything at the right place.


You should also consider giving away or donating things and items you don’t use anymore. It can be very helpful for someone else. A good way to apply this is right after Christmas ends. You can fill up at least one bag of donations, more if they can, and make someone else happy. It doesn’t make sense to store them another year, instead, add them to the donation bag.