If you’ve stumbled along this article you’ve most likely concluded that your carpet needs a bit of freshening up and you’re wondering about the price of carpet cleaning, right?

The process that involves the cleaning of your carpet professionally is known as carpet cleaning or shampooing. Many cleaning companies within your area or nearby will specialise with this procedure and would’ve been trained well to do so and will opt for cleaning with laminate flooring.


Carpet Cleaning Prices

It’s quite hard to estimate the average cost for a professional carpet clean within London especially as each company will have its own tariff. The main procedure done when looking at determining the price of a carpet clean is charging depending on the type or the room that the carpet is in. Most times however it’s more about the size of the carpet rather than the type of carpet. However, expect to pay between the price range from £25 to all the way to £55 if you have a double bedroom with some carpet. However, depending on the area some cleaning companies will be offering a cheaper deal, the type of carpet as well as how dirty it’s could have a big part in this depending on what the company is used to offer.

Woven vs Tufted

Most people in the UK will usually go for a tufted or woven carpet, these are the 2 most popular types here. There is a guideline for these types of carpets.

Woven:  It is the Weaving pile yarn and backing fabric together it is known as the traditional way of making carpets. They are more expensive carpet however; they are known for being long lasting.

Tufted: Carpet or rug made by punching pile yarn through a carpet backing additional material which has been previously woven; at the end the pile is cut. This carpet is very popular as they are much cheaper to make and they aren’t as difficult to make.

Synthetic vs Natural

Your carpets fibre may also be another leading factor that determines the amount you need to pay for your professional carpet cleaning. There is only 2 types of fibre found in carpets either natural or synthetic, but there are some cases where both will be found in it. This is due natural fibres requiring much more precision and attentiveness to clean, they must be handled with more care. If it’s unknown to you what type of fibre your carpet possesses you should get in touch with the shop you made your purchase at or if you’re in the situation where you’ve rented and it’s come with your home then get in touch with your landlord.

Wool is the most frequently used fibre and is often known as the better option due to its ability to retain its colour and appearance for a very long period of time, and it is great at better at its job than other fibres as it is naturally flame resistant.

On the other hand, synthetic fibres are more practical and they’re more cost friendly. The synthetic fibres are usually mentioned to purchase for busy rooms and areas in the home like your bathroom

The process of your carpet getting a professional clean.

  1. Perform thorough examination
  2. Next step is vacuuming your carpet make sure to do it very thoroughly.
  3. Next spritz a hot cleaning solution among your carpet from your sprayer.
  4. Try to agitate the carpets.
  5. Rinse your carpet by using hot water extraction method.
  6. And lastly, grooming the carpet.

Our conclusion

Although we may expect more pricy carpet cleaning to leave us with phenomenal results, this isn’t always the case and it usually isn’t an indication of the quality of carpet cleaning. When looking into the prices willing to be offered for your service you should look out and consider the next 5 points.

Is the company a professional cleaning company? You definitely DON’T want to hire carpet cleaner who aren’t professional in their expertise, approach and techniques. They often don’t have the experience, right equipment and chemicals to do a full professional carpet cleaning.

  1. Look into the company’s customer reviews. This is the most important step, it’s so important to get an insight of what type of service they offer and if it is worth the money if it’s expensive. The better the reviews then you can definitely agree that your money will be spent well. Having a company with a good reputation to clean your carpet will leave you in good hands. If someone had a negative experience with them, they certainly will not hesitate to drop a bad review, the same with a good review coming from someone who has been very impressed.
  2. Are your carpet cleaners insured? This is a very important factor. If you’re worried that they aren’t give them an email asking and don’t hesitate to see a public liability insurance certificate, then you can rest knowing they are insured and that your carpet is in good hands.
  3. Is there a VAT charge on top of the initial charge? Many websites will trick you into thinking that, the price said is all that will be expected to pay. However, even when not specified on the website price list the VAT will probably still be included.

However, if you are getting many carpets cleaned not just the one. Do expect to find yourself paying into the hundreds as it will be more expensive, however some companies may have some deals. Even just having a conversation with the company on how they will conduct their service they will most likely mention the problems you may endure if you don’t clean your carpets. Don’t listen to any reviews that have no association with independent sites as the company may have written reviews themselves in order to allude people into looking into their business.

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