Changing Spaces, Making Places – The UK’s traditional north-south divide.

TABLE OF CONTENT #1 What is the Divide #2 Proof of  this Divide #3 Does the government spending reinforce the UK’s traditional north-south divide #4 What strategies have been implemented by the government to combat this gap? What is the divide? It has been recognised that there is a division within Great Britain, the North/South divide. It is a term used to describe the social, economic and cultural disparities between the London and the [...]

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Migration of people within UK

What is migration? The definition of human migration is the movement of people from one place to another with the intention of moving to a safer or more economically and politically sustainable environment. There are 4 different types of migration including: migration, invasion, conquest, colonization and immigration. There are many reasons for humans to migrate, they may migrate individually or with their family or other members within their community. There are many factors [...]

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Global warming is an alarming issue within humanity today and is worsening every day. Many of us argue that there isn’t enough awareness spread about its consequences by the media, leaving its danger concealed. Scientists warn that if this generation fails to find an escape or improve the situation, it will have a detrimental impact on future generations.   WHAT CAUSES GLOBAL WARMING? Burning of fossil fuels: Now, this is one of the [...]

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