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Best Strategy on How to Clean Walking Boots Today

Do you know how to clean walking boots, do you shine them regularly ? Your walking boots have been created and constructed with strength and durability. But it is important to maintain them clean. This is their the main aspect. All of the above making sure that they’re prepared to take on any possible harsh conditions you may put them through. However, unfortunately if you want them to keep that strength for the upcoming few years some ”Lowa” and attention will be able to just do that. Ensuring they can live for a few more years

Hence why we have decided to construct this guide. We want to ensure your walking boots are being looked after properly! By following our guide, you will be able to transform your boots completely and have them look as good as new.

What to Prepare:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Old Toothbrush
  • 2 Microfibre Cloths
  • Large Plastic Bowl With Water

7 Excellent Steps Explaining How to Clean Walking Shoes

Step #1

Firstly, you will be required to eliminate any mud or dirt that is on your boots, the best tool for this is a stiff brush. It shouldn’t require too much force to get rid of the mud or dirt but make sure it’s done well removing as much of it as possible.

Step #2

Afterwards, get out the laces and inner sole in order to help you reach all the spots in your shoe ensuring you don’t miss out any gaps. You can give your laces and inner sole a good wash however, if they’re in somewhat of a good condition you can skip that part.

Step #3

Next, you have to turn on your warm water and hold them beneath it, with a soft brush instead of the stiff brush give them a good scrub making sure you are holding it underneath the water. With the help of washing up liquid or a cleaning product specifically designed for cleaning shoes should do the extra trick.

Step #4

All you have to do here is just simply rinse away the lather.

Step #5 (Only applies if you have waterproof or leather boots)

If this applies to you, they may require some reproofing to maintain the waterproof performance. In order to do this, grab your boot proofer and ensure that it covers the walking boot completely, your prime focus is around the stitching

Step #6

Afterwards, wait a few minutes and then remove any excess bits with a piece of cloth.

Step #7

Lastly, stuff your boots with some newspaper and then leave them to dry naturally for a few hours. You must remember never to dry them in direct heat as otherwise this will ruin your boots, it isn’t good for them!

And there you have it, good as new!

And that was GPMU guide on How to Clean Your Walking Boots. For further assistance and more information on how to get your walking boots clean and up to scratch get in touch, we can provide as we are filled with useful information to get you back on track also if you want to know how to clean smelly shoes.