Nowadays many families invest time and money into buying a friendly pet such as dogs, cats, and rabbits for a variety of needs. However, unfortunately, many people fail to see the further benefit they may give to families.

  1. They keep you fit and healthy. All dog breeds require daily walks and exercise in order to maintain their health and maintain their happiness. Many animals (especially dogs) require a lot of attention and time, one of the main push factors of getting one. However, knowing that you have a responsibility to maintain can make you more active and make you spend more time exercising increasing your quality of life. A dog is possibly the greatest personal trainer you could ask for! As many dogs would require going out many times throughout the day, which could encourage younger children into a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  1. A huge psychological benefit emerges from having a pet – they help combat the feeling of loneliness especially within the elderly that may not have the opportunity to see their family and friends as often. A pet will always want one’s love and attention but also would give it back. It could also be a great way to reduce anxiety levels as stroking and bonding with your pets could reduce and shrink your worries almost instantly! Studies conducted recently have illustrated that pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This is a long – term benefit as owners are less likely to develop illnesses and diseases such as CHD (Cardiovascular heart disease) which overall increases one’s life expectancy.
  1. They can boost one’s social life and help with making new friends. The community of pet owners is very friendly. On many occasions you’ll find people coming up to you asking about your pet especially within parks (in this case dogs) which can increase the likelihood of a more social livelihood and create bonds instantly! Owning a dog can help make friends with people whom may benefit your work! It’s an even bigger advantage for people who struggle with small talk, making conversations less awkward for the individual.
  1. They could save your life… We all have praised dogs for their intelligence, but many people fail to see their intelligence in actions! They can catch cancer early within their owners. Some breeds excel at detecting cancer, especially if that person doesn’t go get tested this could potentially save their life, and that way the individual can seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is usually done by dogs sniffing or even licking a cancerous tumour that is concealed under the skin.


They can make you feel safe, Statistics would show that burglars are less likely to attack a house that is home to a dog. Many breeds such as German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs and will protect you during your walks, and to stay away from your smelly shoes