Block Cleaning Services in Residential Developments

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Block cleaning services

If you live in a residential development consisting of flats you might need to hire block cleaners London. This Is because current government regulations state that communal or shared areas within residential blocks and developments must meet certain cleaning standards.

Often neglected communal parts are one kind of a specific problem to deal with. Substandard corridors, lift, pathways, hallways, and stairwells can bring up the value and desirability of your own apartment. But in other scenarios can become a hazard to visitors, you,  and your neighbor’s wellbeing.

If you are Right to Manage company you might decide to do the clean yourself. The problem is that if you wish to take turns with your neighbors to upkeep the shared parts of your block entrance one might do the job way greater than others. And, what if the clean is done by the outside cleaning contractor in London? And what should you do if the performance of the cleaning company isn’t up to expected standards? They have to be at least:

  • Insured block cleaners
  • Fully equipped cleaning crews
  • Uniformed staff
  • Supervisor monitoring
  • Fully trained

Block Cleaners London Property Management

Annual cleaning contracts are tailored individually, responsibilities, tasks, and other duties vary from block to block, There are usually set out clauses in the lease and the type of nature of the management agreement.

For that reason, leaseholders tend to pay a monthly service charge which provides coverage of the cost of cleaning.  It’s always worth checking thoroughly to find out what exactly is included in the cleaning agreement for your block.

Typically, many leases have a special part where cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance of the following are right under the landlord’s duties:

  • Common areas, hallways, and reception area
  • stairwell and staircase
  • lifts and escalators
  • internal block cleaning of corridors
  • external gardens
  • parking lot area
  • walkways, pathways, etc.

Best Block Cleaners London

All cleaning requirements are tightly connected to each other, but they all depend mainly on its number of flats, block size, design, any specific fixtures, and their use.

For instance, if block flooring is vinyl, wooden, carpeted, or tiled? A number of residents using the communal parts? Is there a lot of glass, doors, windows, or top to bottom windows or are there other specific fixtures that can gather grime, dust, fluff, fingerprints, etc.?

This is the main reason that has to be taken into consideration before any cleaning contract is outsourced to the right service providers. Here comes the duty of the property management company experience. With a strategy in place, they plan ahead to help the property to appear spick and span:


Communal Block Cleaning Checklist

If property managers are managing the building professionally detailed cleaning checklists has to be agreed upon between the managers or landlord. This should be executed by the supplier of the professional block cleaning services. A site survey is essential and it would form a wide picture of all specific problems, any specific requirements of the entire premises.

A detailed checklist will mention out what, how, when, and how often the block requires cleaning.

The cleaning checklist itself should have regular annual updates and reviews. This is to make sure that the list of the required tasks is right and are executed safely for the premises and its residents.

  • General block cleaning and dusting
  • Vacuum clean floors
  • Dusting skirting boards
  • Cleaning entry glass door
  • Cleaning and polishing lift
  • Mop all floors where necessary
  • Checking bin store
  • Disinfecting bin store
  • Car park litter pick
  • Sweeping walkways
  • Dusting and polishing banister
  • Cleaning stairwell
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Throwing away leaflets and other paper left on floors
  • Wiping down post boxes
  • Report any problems promptly
  • Act and speak to residents in a friendly and nicely manner
  • Deodorise communal areas
  • Sign the attendance sheet for record
  • Annual carpet cleaning
  • Spot wall cleaning


Tips: Irregular cleaning of your block can get out of hand and downgrade its condition and cleanliness. Disobeying basic rules, regulations and directives can escalate into health and safety hazards for all inhabitants living in the building.

The correct rubbish disposal is a major concern.  It could become a major hazard if residents leave rubbish bags in shared areas.  Blocking fire escapes or stairwells and it is left unattended for a long period of time is unacceptable. All of the above could attract insects, vermin and more. Apart from all of the above of they might create slipping and tripping hazards.

It can get carpeted floors polluted, stained, or vinyl flooring to grimy and sticky. So our tip is to avoid doing all of the above.

Reducing the Covid-19 Spread in Communal Areas

The cleaning schedule could vary from once a month to twice or daily clean. The usual frequency to upkeep communal areas in residential blocks is based and scheduled weekly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that cleaners will deep clean every time and every inch of it. Some jobs are planned periodically, but other tasks need systematic attention.

For instance window cleaning can be usually done twice a year, but vacuum cleaning floors need to be done on every visit. Communal gardening can be done once a month, but lift polishing is required to be done on every visit. In the current Covid-19 pandemic, antiviral sanitization is required mainly on touchpoints for infection prevention and control.

  1. Door handles
  2. Light switches
  3. Handrails
  4. Lift buttons
  5. Lobby tables, countertops
  6. Internal push door
  7. Bin store door handle


If you wish the premises to be fully disinfected you can use professional fogging sanitization, this can be addressed to your property managers so they can decide what to do next. If you have any issues or concerns, bring them up quickly in front of the management to help reduce and minimize little problems escalating into greater ones. For that reason signing in sheet is important to monitor attendance.


Block Cleaners Sign-in Sheet

If the company you have just hired is professional, the management team will install a signing-in sheet for its cleaners to sign, after each visit. In case they miss that one you might need to ask the property management company to place one on the notice board.

The simple reason for that residents not always possible to catch up with cleaning operatives from the appointed cleaning services provider. Usually, residents are out most of the time for work or other duties, but rest assure that doesn’t mean cleaning contractors not doing their job

Complaint procedures: Every leaseholder, tenant, or other resident has the right to live in a safe environment and in well-maintained premises, with accepted standards of repair. The professional property manager will reply and react to queries right away. If concerns are falling on deaf ears you could escalate the matter to the environmental health department of your local council. They will definitely take action if they consider the issue might result in a health or safety risk to you or other residents.