Step by step explainer on how to move out when your tenancy agreement ends

Moving in or out from a property can bring big headache. Where to start from, the hassle is enormous the time is limited. You don’t need to worry, better shape up draw fast steps to follow and get ready to rumble. Make some arrangements beforehand with you flat mates, divide who will do what. Spread the jobs between equally and get on with it.

Packing the belongings:

If you have a lot of clothes you will definitely need quite few empty moving cardboard boxes to put all the stuff inside. If you have any breakable items like lamps, vases, TV’s, souvenirs, presents of sentimental values from friends or family you will need some bubble wrap. Put all clothes inside boxes, use a tape to seal them off, and don’t forget to write on it what is inside. Use the bubble wrap to wrap all breakable items and put them inside the cardboard boxes.

Booking Removal Company:

The rest of you mates should already have found a removal company or if not they could rent a van and use it for your relocation. When you loading please do not forget to place the boxes nicely so you can have more space and put more. Try to save on time and fuel, stacking up neatly will help you deliver your belongings less times.

Cleaning the property:

Once the property is empty you will have two options: to clean it yourselves or to book an end of tenancy cleaning company which will do the tidying up process for you and will help you to get your deposit back. To please the landlord I will rather advise to stick to the second option. You will probably need to ask for an invoice do not hesitate, you will have to show this to you London estate agent or landlord. Before the cleaners go make one final check yourself, many companies will pay attention to details but to be on the safe side better check the property yourself before having any problems at the checkout the following day. Letting agent will set a check out day and time, an independent company will do the check and once you got the report you will have an email written by the agents stating positive or negative. If the checkout found any faults in the clean, you will have to contact the cleaning company for re-clean. Not many of them provide this option, but before you book check with them. Usually to re-clean service is free of charge and will be delivered smoothly if you have been in touch with professional services provider. I know it is not easy to find dedicated cleaners. Make some research, nowadays is easy to surf the net, read the reviews from previous clients, read their website carefully, go through the terms and conditions. Some companies have some hidden charges like parking, congestion charging zone, weekend charges etc. just ask for any of these. The main factors of a successful cleaning business are how they approach clients, the commitment to each client, their experience, flexibility, their teams and finally values to work.


Every professional services looks at each property individually, tailoring the steps, the team and our way to approach. They appraise every potential job extremely important. With plenty of experienced operatives they select many specialists who can inaugurate and do the tasks, bringing satisfaction and benefits to clients.


Throughout the year professional company is committed to providing a quality assistance every time by investing in new equipment, materials and training to our staff to make sure that the client is confident they receive our greatest possible attention and obligations in what they do.


If performing hundreds of cleans each year they are operatives expertise in cleaning, scrubbing and dusting, will transform each house or apartment to pristine condition with ease. They will help tenants to get their deposits back and move on to the new property without hassle.


Convenience for customer is everything. With already designed methods they are big enough to deliver composite cleaning works; but we can adapt and take on also minor jobs easy enough to be flexible and versatile to our clients’ requirements.


They value its cleaners, they need them, they look after them, they are diverse, they make their business, and they are essential part of it in both assistance and deliver unique contribution. Jointly or individually, every one of them take enormous personal pride in their work. They have the knowledge, the expertise, the dedication they all add up to what makes our services to stand out from the rest.


If they are recommended cleaning services provider, they are able to provide references and reviews but also substantial value through its experts. They can also have the power to influence the way they approach each service and to produce a specialist cleansing and rare competencies in every one of them.
At the end before booking any of their specialist’s services ask for them to provide you with a tenancy cleaning checklist. The company should be able to send it over to you in short period. I can describe how one of those looks like and what is involved, methods and tasks.

Approximate cleaning checklist for a moving in or out clean:

Every Check Out will be conducted against the inventory which is carried out at the start of the tenancy. Each item on the inventory will be checked and notes made of any changes seen. You will be probably provided the Check Out report along with the working inventory as soon as possible. The property you lived in should be left in an acceptable state professional cleaned and pristine condition. The property should be ready for immediate re-occupation without further cleaning. In particular, carpets, windows, ovens, refrigerators, stains and marks to walls should be attended to. The property will be considered ‘Professionally Clean’ by an inventory company only if no further cleaning is required to any areas of the property. Unfortunately after the end date of your tenancy, cleaning companies other than those listed above will not be allowed any further access. Should any areas require further cleaning we will instruct the afore mentioned cleaners to complete this and you will be charged from your deposit a standard call out fee as well the time and labour spent on site. Please refer to your estate agents Residential Cleaning Specifications attached for further information of professional cleaning of a property.

Kitchen items

Pots, pans, cutlery, crockery and glasses should be made accessible, clean and laid out as closely as possible to the inventory.

Light bulbs and plugs

These were all present at the commencement of your tenancy, and it is your responsibility to ensure that these are all working at the end of your tenancy. If any light bulbs are left not working letting agents or landlord will instruct a handyman to replace them, a call out fee and the cost of the light bulbs will be charged.


Any marks left on walls can sometimes be removed by smoothly by gentle application of sugar soap. You or the cleaning company must not use abrasives or scorers to remove marks on walls. Any damage to the walls will remain your responsibility. Professional company will perform spot wall clean with ease.

Furniture and Stored Items

All woodwork, frames, tables should be polished and all drawers and shelves thoroughly cleaned. All flooring should be cleaned underneath beds and movable furniture. Please ensure that any furniture is put back in its original position. You may be will get charged for the Inventory Clerks extra time in locating items not back in their original position. Any items you have not used during your tenancy should be cleaned or laundered and returned to their original position or location.

Personal Possessions

All your personal possessions should be removed prior to the checkout inspection. Neither landlord nor letting agents will take responsibility for any personal items left in the apartment after the conclusion of the tenancy and you will not be permitted to re-enter the property after the Check Out has been completed. If any items are left the letting agents might instruct someone to remove and dispose of the items. A labour and call out fee will apply.


All rubbish should be removed from the property before the check-out inspection is conducted. It is very likely that you will have more rubbish than usual when vacating, therefore please try to take this in to account and make preparations for its removal.

Final Utilities Bills

The final meter readings will be carried out at the check-out inspection. It is your responsibility to notify all relevant utilities companies of your vacating date and to close and pay your final utility account. You must also provide them your forwarding address details.


All sets of keys/fobs/swipe cards/remotes must be returned to nominated representative at the time of the check out. Should we not receive your all keys/fobs/swipe cards/remotes within 24 hours of the expiration?

Living room

All areas, including ceilings, walls, light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails, pictures, mirrors, fire surrounds and radiators.Dust throughout, and wipe down where necessary.
All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc.).Clean with appropriate cleaner.
WindowsClean inside and out (if accessible), wipe down sills.
Drawers, shelves and cupboardsClear out any rubbish (papers and magazines etc.). Retain phone books, instruction manuals, etc.
Upholstery Vacuum throughout, also lift cushions and vacuum underneath the sofa bed, sofas etc.
All areas, including ceilings, walls, light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails, pictures, mirrors, fire surrounds and radiators.Dust throughout, and wipe down where necessary.
All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc.).Clean with appropriate window or glass cleaner.
WindowsClean inside and out (where possible), wipe down sills.
Drawers and shelvesClear out any rubbish (newspapers and magazines etc.). Retain phone books, instruction manuals, etc.
Upholstery Vacuum throughout, also lift cushions and vacuum underneath.
Wooden furniture Wipe clear of dust and polish.
Light bulbs replacingReplace blown bulbs with clear or pearl of appropriate wattage. All bayonet and standard screw fittings included in price. Also change in fridge, under counter extractors and oven (chargeable).
Vacuum cleaner careWipe down, replace bag and check that filters are clean.
Rubbish removalBag and remove from site.
Cobwebs cleaningThroughout clean of cobwebs

Flooring throughout

Carpeting care and vacuumingVacuum all edges. Steam carpet clean. Move furniture for access where required.
Hard floorsScrub, Wash down and polish whenever possible.


Work surfacesWipe down with cloth and polish.
Cupboards and drawersClean inside and out. Dispose of all old food, carrier bags etc. Do not throw away instruction manuals. Clean any marks on drawers.
Dirty utensils, glassware, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans.Wash up and dry, then stack neatly in sets.
Sink and taps Clean, descale and polish. Use proper chemicals.
Wall tiles Degrease, scrub, wash and polish. Remove any mould growth from grouting if possible.
Oven Clean internally oven and remove build-up of grease. Wipe down exterior and polish any external chrome or stainless steel. Use professional oven cleaner.
ExtractorWipe down exterior. Remove any built-up grease and replace filter if any. Replace any blown lamps (25W max).
Fridge/ freezerWipe down exterior. Defrost and clean inside removing all grime, mildew and food deposits.
Replace lamp if necessary. Leave switched on.
Washing machine. Wipe down exterior. Clean out soap drawer, and filters if accessible. Clean the plastic ring professionally.
Dishwasher Wipe down exterior. Clean inside removing any grease or food deposits. Clean filters and run proprietary cleaner through system. Clean the edges and de-scale if necessary.
Small kitchen appliances, e.g. kettle, toaster, microwave.Wipe down. De-scale kettle. Clear crumbs out of toaster. Clean inside of microwave. Polish glass on microwave.
Bins Empty, clean and wipe. Wipe down outside and clean inside. Put in fresh bag.


Shower screen De-scale, wash down and polish. Gently with knife remove scale.
Wall tiles De-scale, wash down and polish. Remove mould growth from grouting. Bleach out the seal if there is a mould.
Bath, basin, taps, shower and fittingsClean, de-scale and polish. Wipe down and dry with paper.
Toilet (including seat)Clean, de-scale pan and brush clean, wipe, dry and polish
All soap and shampoo etc. Remove, and clear any residue left from soap in dispenser.
MirrorsClean and polish using professional glass cleaner.
TowelsClean and press. Stack neatly in a cupboard or drawer.


All linen (including mattress covers) Clean and press. Stack neatly in a cupboard or drawer.
All bedroom furniture/ storage unitsClean inside and out. Polish where necessary.
MattressesLift and vacuum underneath, dust skirting boards.
BedsMake up with clean linen.

Outside Areas

Hard areas (patios and paving etc).Sweep and wash down.
All rubbish and dead plants.Remove using plant instrument.
All window boxes and tubs.Weed. Water.
Drains Flush through with hot washing soda solution.
Front door Wipe inside and out. Polish any exterior brass work.

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