Questions for Right Glove Choice:

  • Are chemical hazards close or near at hand? Do the chemical hazards prevail in solution, gas, powder, or vapor form? Will the workers’ hands be subject to infrequently splashes or total concentration in the detergents solution?
  • Are there any abrasions or punctures and how we can get hurt from sharp objects, could this be a problem? Many gloves are created to safeguard from slashes caused by sharpened gadgets, but only few afford increased levels of puncture protection from particles such as the dilapidated edges of a fragment of metal or glass. Will the abrasions, punctures it will cause damage to the palm, fingers of the hand?
  • Secure grip vital to the application in so many ways. When cleaner cannot hold tight equipment securely, especially those that are moisturized or greasy, the tools or equipment may slide through their hands and result in injuries or spoilt products.
  • Is aptitude play significant role? Nowadays fast-paced manufacturing environment, many workers are active at immense speeds and must have the expertness and tactile awareness to manage small parts or objects instantaneously.
  • Which characteristic is vital: safeguard or professional ability? Thinner-gauge gloves offer more smoothness; heavier-gauge gloves offer increased safety measures.
  • Are the gloves properly sized for individual workers? Gloves that are too large will move down around on the hands, won’t give adequate protection where it is necessary, and could become entangled in cleaning equipment, machinery or moving mechanical segments. Gloves that are too tight could reduce a cleaner’s dexterity and may evolve into troublesome PPI that workers will discharge them. Keep in mind that male and female workers have divergent requirements dependent to glove sizes, types and shapes.
  • Will the provided gloves be enforced to suggest protection from heat or cold abnormal temperatures? That is why Insulated gloves should be selected to protect from great amplitude in temperatures. Also, we have to consider how long the cleaner will be exposed to danger to these temperatures. We have to take into account if worker will be wearing gloves for a few minutes at a time or all day too.
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