Keeping the environment clean, how to reduce carbon dioxide on working sites

Construction site and pollution:

Energy and fuel used on construction sites account for approximately 30% of London total emissions from the construction industry. Particulate emissions to the atmosphere from construction are significant due to the popularity of diesel engines. There are many ways to reduce the emissions and more of than not, these reduce costs at the same time. Consultation is always available at the start of a project to find the most environmentally friendly solutions for your energy needs.

Consider environment when setting up a site:

  • Efficient planning and early communication with electricity suppliers can allow, in some cases, electricity to be obtained from the grid which is significantly lower in emissions than diesel generators which leads to lower site running costs.
  • When generators are required, ensure the right size generators are used. Consider using smaller generators for periods of lower energy demand. This may require hiring two smaller generators rather the one large.
  • Energy efficient site offices, investigate the possibility of having sensor controlled lighting and heating. Ensure computers and other equipment are powered down and lights are switched off when not in use.
  • Site accommodation with an Energy Performance Certificate rating A, B or C, when used efficiently, will save on heating and lighting costs. High levels of insulation should be prioritized. Over more costly ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Specify energy efficient plant. Ensure plant and vehicles are not left running.
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