Display of warning signs whilst cleaning activities are being undertaken

    Unveiling of warning signs is essential step whilst on duty before any task can take place. If no action is taken can result in accident and reportable injury from client or member of the public. When mopping floors cleaners shell always display of yellow warning signs at suitable locations. The instantaneous cause of any accident is attributable to the individual lack of attention to safe working practices. Inadequate displaying of signs is not a professional approach and it’s not acceptable anywhere in the London cleaning industry. Premises which are washed when if frequent use again its very amateurish. That is why following the correct procedures and putting out the simple signage could avert major problems and accidents occurring. Operatives, clients and member of public will be safe when those are in use, they will not suffer from a serious injuries and the potential significant insurance claim that could follow.
    What actions should take a manager before accident occur?

  • Ensure and identify that safety signs are available to all “wet” cleaning operations where required.
  • Ensure that all personnel understands the significant importance of using these signs appropriately and appropriately trained in the tasks being carried out.
  • Ensure that all risk assessments and safe systems of work are reviewed periodically and clearly indicate when and where these signs should be used.
  • Ensure that any changes to risk assessment and method statement are briefed to all employees and that they sign to say that they received and understood the changes.
  • Ensure that signs which are worn and or do not clearly identify the writing or the picture has faded, the hazard are taken out of service or replaced with new signs as soon as possible.
  • Ensure all working equipment being used is in full working condition by doing periodical checks.
  • Ensure that operatives or contractors are carrying out equipment checks to identify if any equipment is faulty and taken out of use for repair.
  • Ensure that you are fully compliant within the operational service delivery on client’s sites and all operatives are working safely.
  • Undertake frequent recorded audits and checks as managers to help drive compliance.

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